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Did you recently watched Ryan Reynolds‘ blockbuster hit, Free Guy, and loved the unique and interesting concept of artificial reality and augmented reality along with the beautiful touch of action and comedy, and wanted to watch more such movies that can give you the same roller coaster ride, just like Free Guy. Then, you have landed in the perfect place for that. Follows us as we will let you know 38 Movies Similar To ‘Free Guy’ that you will love watching.

A 2021’s film, Free Guy, is directed by Shawn Levy and stars Ryan Reynolds, one of the best actors in a comic role. The movie’s story follows a middle-aged guy, with the name ‘Guy’ or you can also call him the ‘Blue Shirt Guy’, quite an interesting selection of names, isn’t it? ‘Guy’ is a Non-Playable Character or NPC of a game called Free City.

One day, when Guy wakes up and turns towards his day-to-day life, suddenly, he starts seeing things differently. Yes, you guessed it right, he becomes a Playable Character in the game. The major difference between an NPC and a Playable Character in this game is that Playable characters wear sunglasses. By accidentally killing a Player in the Bank, Guy takes his sunglasses, and now with the help of it, he can now see the HP of other players, health kits, other playable characters, guns, cars, and every other stuff that is only visible to the playable characters of the game.


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On the other hand, in the real world, we have Taika Waititi playing Antwan Hovachelik, the CEO of the game Free City. He is ruthless and narcissistic, he stole the source code of the original game Life Itself, made a copy of it, and launched it with the name Fake City.

The source code of the game Antwan has stoled is the original work of Millie Rusk, played beautifully by Jodie Comer. Jodie is not only a real person in the plot of this movie but also a playable character, with her character-name MolotovGirl. Then we have Walter “Keys” McKey, who helped Jodie with her game development, portrayed by Joe Keery. The journey of Guy from an NPC to a fully aware character of Artificial Intelligence is fun and exciting to watch.

That was a quick glimpse of the movie. Now let us jump into our today’s main part.

Movies Similar To ‘Free Guy’

Free Guy is one of the most popular movies by Ryan Reynolds in the Science fiction and comedy genre. Here are some recommendations you can watch if you love Free Guy.

1. Ready Player One

The story of Ready Player One takes place in the future of Columbus, Ohio. We follow Wade Watts, portrayed by Tye Sheridan, a wide-eyed young man who prefers to spend his days in OASIS, a virtual reality universe created by a recently deceased genius, who left behind a challenge to all OASIS’s players to find ‘Three Keys’, that lead to a golden egg, which will grant the winner, the title of Official Ownership of the OASIS.

The movie, Ready Player One is originally based on a novel by Ernest Cline of the same name. But the movie differs considerably from the book, shifting segments around and many cases adding segments not even present in the novel. But, just as Jurassic Park The Film, contrasted with Michael Crichton’s book, the attempt to compress Cline’s sprawling is mostly successful.

38 Movies Similar To 'Free Guy' - Best Action Comedies Recommendations - OtakuKart (1)

Ready Player One excels in its dazzling action sequences, and no one helms a chase scene like Spielberg, No One!! Few directors mastered scene blocking like him either, he shifts massive hoards of characters, vehicles, and weaponry in and out of frame, seemingly melding multiple shots into one.

  • Release Date: March 29, 2018
  • Directed By: Steven Spielberg
  • Cast: Tye Sheridan, Olivia Cooke, Ben Mendelsohn,
  • Language: English
  • Box Office: $583 million
  • Country: United States

2. eXistenZ

A Science Fiction head-scratcher, eXistenZ, which came in 1999, is written and directed by psychological and body horror maestro David Cronenberg. The film stars Jennifer Jason Leigh as Allegra Geller, who is a world-famous game designer in the story, along with Jude Law as Allegra Gellar’s overhead security guard, Ted Pikul, who is on the run from realist extremists. These extremists believe that Allegra Geller’s games corrupt reality and are now boycotting them.

The film’s plot is complex, twisting and turning at different levels of reality, and personal identity is entered into by a protagonist and then stripped away. By using this convoluted structure, old and new cinematic techniques, and a video game aesthetic, Cronenberg questions our own reality, how we construct our personal identities, and how these identities shape world around us. As always with Cronenberg, there is about as many weird, gross-out organism mutilations and penetrations as you could hope for.

38 Movies Similar To 'Free Guy' - Best Action Comedies Recommendations - OtakuKart (2)

Most of the film is set in an indeterminate future, or alternate reality, where technologies have become organic and gaming consoles called Game Pods can be plugged into an umbilical cord into the body’s bio port, which leads directly into the base of the spine. It is important to remember that everything we see from the story’s beginning is inside the game.

  • Release Year: April 23, 1999
  • Directed By: David Cronenberg
  • Cast: Jude Law, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Ian Holm, Don McKellar
  • Language: English
  • Box Office: $2.9 million
  • Country: Canada

3. The Truman Show

The Truman Show was released in 1998, a year before we saw The Matrix, and the same year Pleasantville by Gary Ross and Dark City by Alexander Proyas was released. What are these four films have in common? All of them questioned the reality of the world in which a hero lives.

We may even say that The Truman Show does it in the most radical way, both from a philosophical and artistic point of view. The main character is Truman Burbank. He lives the life of an ordinary American, He works for an insurance agency and is married to a nurse.

38 Movies Similar To 'Free Guy' - Best Action Comedies Recommendations - OtakuKart (3)

He has his own house lawn and is friendly. Screenwriter Andrew Nicholl and Director Peter Ware had made it clear from the start that there is something wrong in his life, Even the opening credits for the movie are the opening credits for the TV show of the same name inside the movie.

It is clear to us from the beginning that Truman is the only person who doesn’t know the truth. And the truth is that he’s the hero of a 24-hour reality show that the whole world watches. People around are actors, and the city where he lives is one big film set.

It’s almost based on Shakespeare, “All the world is a stage, and all the men and women merely players”. Well, Except for one, Truman turns out to be likened to Hamlet. Hamlet spoke about the world as a theatre, and accused others of being false and trying to play on him. Truman doesn’t play but lives because he doesn’t know that he’s covered with a dome.

  • Release Year: June 5, 1998
  • Directed By: Peter Weir
  • Cast: Jim Carrey, Noah Emmerich, Laura Linney
  • Language: English
  • Box Office: $264.1 million
  • Country: United States

4. Scott Pilgrim vs. The World

Scott Pilgrim, portrayed by Michael Cera, is a loner kid, he is a dork who plays bass and is a member of a band. He meets a girl named Ramona Flowers, portrayed by Mary Elizabeth Winstead. Scott basically falls head over heels in love with her, and he follows her around everywhere they start hanging out, and eventually, he discovers that she has evil exes. Relationships she has previously had that want to kill Scott, and they challenged him to many duels.

38 Movies Similar To 'Free Guy' - Best Action Comedies Recommendations - OtakuKart (4)

The movie, Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, is like a combination of anime and video games. Directed by Edgar Wright and who made Hot Fuzz and Shaun of the Dead, two very good films. Edgar has a way of using his stylish direction to enhance the story in such a cool way. The movie is based on manga, and this is one of the best examples of manga-to-film translation. The story and its characters feel like manga and it really does. They did such a good job of recreating the panels that are actually in the manga, in this film, to a painstaking degree.

  • Release Year: August 13, 2010
  • Directed By: Edgar Wright
  • Cast: Michael Cera, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Kieran Culkin, Chris Evans, Anna Kendrick, Alison Pill
  • Language: English
  • Box Office: $49.3 million
  • Country: United States and Japan

5. The Lego Movie

The Lego Movie is about the prophecy foretold that this one special, extremely interested man can save the world from the villainous Lord Business, portrayed by Will Ferrell, ha has some ancient relic called the Crackle that can kill every lego in the Lego Universe. The one guy that is prophesied to be able to stop this from happening is Emmet Brickowski, voiced by Chris Pratt.

All these people are trying to convince Emmit that he is this one special person that can save the entire Lego Universe, but he is used to following instructions, following orders, and doing everything by the book, and he doesn’t realize the true nature of his world.

38 Movies Similar To 'Free Guy' - Best Action Comedies Recommendations - OtakuKart (5)

The Lego Movie is the first great movie of 2014. This movie really surprised you on virtually every level, it is extremely clever and what is more interesting is that it was actually able to create out of basic Lego things. For example, if you went out to buy a Lego set, it would come with instructions. Those are the instructions that the Legos used to go about their daily life, and there are countless other awesome things that are extremely inventive that really blow your mind.

  • Release Year: February 7, 2014
  • Directed By: Christopher Miller, Phil Lord
  • Cast: Will Ferrell, Chris Pratt, Will Arnett, and others.
  • Language: English
  • Box Office: $468.1 million
  • Country: Australia

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6. TRON: Legacy

TRON: Legacy is kind of unusual, despite the fact that the movie came out in 2010, which is kind of not a long time ago in the grand scheme of things, TRON: Legacy is a little ahead of this time that the movie critics at that time didn’t quite get it. Critics were very brutally harsh with it, a lot of them just shrugged that out and flat-out busted it, and very few of them acknowledged how groundbreaking it is in terms of visual effects.

38 Movies Similar To 'Free Guy' - Best Action Comedies Recommendations - OtakuKart (6)

In 2010, the movie literally paved the way for the de-aging technology that it is today. Yes, X-men did it first but not to the extent of TRON: Legacy. It does not look perfect, but the movies like The Irishman or the de-aging they did in the movies of Marvel Comic Universe or Star Wars would not exist if it was not for TRON making an attempt to that scale before.

Critics treated TRON: Legacy that it was trash, but just like the movie Fight Club or Blade Runner, the movie became a cult classic over time. It was not a flawless masterpiece or anything, but it is a unique concept that has a lot of merits and extremely solid world-building.

  • Release Year: December 17, 2010
  • Directed By: Joseph Kosinski
  • Cast: Jeff Bridges, Garrett Hedlund, Oliva, and others.
  • Language: English
  • Box Office: $400.1 million
  • Country: United States

7. Wreck-It Ralph

Just seconds into the movie, Ralph is an instantly engaging character, his intro narration is pretty chill and relatable, it tells everything we need to know in a clever, unique, and engaging way. Ralph is someone who does his job perfectly but gets no respect or love despite it, it is such a perfect idea for a character, and connecting all that to a world filled with flawed misconceptions and stereotypes is even more genius.

38 Movies Similar To 'Free Guy' - Best Action Comedies Recommendations - OtakuKart (7)

As we will soon find out, Ralph’s role in his game is very very important, but unfortunately, Ralph has been led to believe otherwise by his own game’s characters. A few moments later, Ralph drops the bomb on the other villains that he is not happy and wants to be a hero instead of a villain. The other villain attempts to explain why he is wrong, but Ralph is not very receptive.

The villain in this meeting may sound ridiculous, and the scene is played most of for comedy. However, that is actually the writer’s clever trick to through you off, that way, you will realize all the villains are actually completely correct about what they just said to Ralph.

  • Release Year: November 2, 2012
  • Directed By: Rich Moore
  • Cast: Sarah Silverman, Hohn Reilly, Jack Mc, Jane Lyn.
  • Language: English
  • Box Office: $496.5 million
  • Country: United States

8. Stranger Than Fiction

Stranger Than Fiction has one of those simple yet brilliant premises that make you hit your forehead because you wish that you had thought of it first. And while the premise of the plot is simple, the story, the characters, and how we reach the conclusion of the story are nothing but mundane or simple. What’s so wonderful about this movie is how much we can take away about how to craft a good story and good storytelling from the very beginning of the film.

We open the film brilliantly with a narrated sequence, as one might come to expect from a slice-of-life, slower pace style film. The opening shows us a whole armory of checkoffs guns. Our narrator tells us that despite his oddities, Harold Crick is a relatively normal IRS agent, which accounts for the brush strokes that it takes to clean his teeth. He measures the pace of his steps to catch the 817 bus every morning and enjoys filing paperwork as the sound the files make brushing up against each other. Often reminded him of waves. In a deep ocean, frequently imagining an endlessly deep, extensive water while filing alongside Harold.

38 Movies Similar To 'Free Guy' - Best Action Comedies Recommendations - OtakuKart (8)

We see various unnamed and unknown characters going about their day-to-day lives, unbeknown to anyone that one fateful day in their lives will all inextricably be linked together, but for now, everything is as normal. But can we take away from opening like this? Number one, the film will most likely be narrated as it is the easiest way to communicate the plot to its audience and is a common troupe of this slower pace drama-style film.

Number two, we can tell that whoever is narrating is quite literate, and it’s extremely well written, almost as if it was a novel. Number three, we know that all of these characters will play a role in the story somehow, but we just don’t know what it is yet. Number four, there are certain items that we take for granted in our day-to-day lives that may one day, in fact, change our lives forever, things like a wristwatch, apples, our daily bus or neckties, or even something as simple as how we count the strokes it takes to clean our teeth.

The film then lets us know that it’s about to throw everything invention of storytelling and expectation out the window as soon as the opening ends because on a certain significant Wednesday, Harald begins to hear our narrator, along with the audience, saying his every thought and action with disturbing accuracy, which realistically freaks Harold out as he begins to think that he’s crazy followed or something else quite unexpectedly is going on.

  • Release Year: November 10, 2006
  • Directed By: Marc Forster
  • Cast: Will Farrell, Dustin H, Queen L, Maggie Gyl.
  • Language: English
  • Box Office: $53.7 million
  • Country: United States

9. Transcendence

Transcendence is directed by Christopher Nolan’s preferred cinematographer, Waly Pfister. It stars Johnny Depp, Rebecca Hall, Paul Bettany, and a whole bunch of other people on loan from Christopher Nolan. It has AI, and this movie has so much potential.

The film is about a very, very smart scientist. Enhance AI, but looking for ways to create new intelligence system computers, and they’re really trying hard to make a breakthrough and are just on the very cusp of creating a computer consciousness, and he gets shot by someone who is involved with his group, that’s very much against all of these ideas.

38 Movies Similar To 'Free Guy' - Best Action Comedies Recommendations - OtakuKart (9)

But at the last second, they decide, you know what, we’re going to try this on him, we’re going to upload him into a computer and see if he becomes a consciousness aware and see what happens. And when that eventually does happen, things start to go on a very bad path as he starts to try to control way too many things.

  • Release Year: April 10, 2014
  • Directed By: Wally Pfister
  • Cast: Johnny Depp, Rebecca H, Paul B, Morgan Free.
  • Language: English
  • Box Office: $103 million
  • Country: United States

10. Superintelligence

When an all-powerful superintelligence chooses to study the average person on earth. Carol Vivian Peters, the fate of the world hangs in the balance. We have this artificial intelligence that has decided to enslave, save or destroy humanity in three options, and of course, he chooses Melissa McCarthy’s character as kind of a guinea pig here. It is up to her to prove that people are actually worth saving.

38 Movies Similar To 'Free Guy' - Best Action Comedies Recommendations - OtakuKart (10)

Now what this AI does is that he takes the voice, he takes the look of James Corden. Essentially whoever the person that he is dealing with favors the most when it comes to celebrity. At one point, he is Adam Levine. At one point, he is Octavia Spencer, but for Melissa McCarthy’s sake, he is James Corden. So, he has his voice of him and has him occasionally appearing on screen.

Farther in the story, we witness a crazy convoluted storyline of Melissa McCarthy going on all of these mini adventures, doing all of the saving people things, falling in love, and saving the world.

  • Release Year: November 26, 2020
  • Directed By: Ben Falcone
  • Cast: Melissa B, Jean Smart, James C, Bobby Can.
  • Language: English
  • Box Office: $4.2 million
  • Country: United States

11. Infinite

A troubled young man, haunted by the memories of two past lives, stumbled upon the centuries-old old societies of secret individuals and dared to join their ranks. Evan McCauley, our main character, played by Mark Wahlberg, has skills he really didn’t learn, and he has memories of places that he never visited, and all of these haunt him. He is also on the brink of a mental breakdown when we first visit him in this film because he doesn’t know what is going on in his life.

38 Movies Similar To 'Free Guy' - Best Action Comedies Recommendations - OtakuKart (11)

Later, Evan finds out that a secret group is seeking him, calling themselves “The Infinites”, revealing that his memories are actually real, but they are not something that he is conjuring, and they are coming from his past. So, they are bringing him into this world along the same line as what happens to Neo in the Matrix, but with very different circ*mstances. He is trying to unlock these memories, but at the same time, a character played by Chiwetel Ejiofor is seeking to end all lives and stop what he sees as a curse because he is also living in this endless cycle of reincarnation.

  • Release Year: June 10, 2021
  • Directed By: Antoine Fuqua
  • Cast: Chiwetel E, Toby Jones, Mark Wah, Sophie Cook.
  • Language: English
  • Country: United States

12. Reminiscence

Like the name says, Reminiscence is a story about memories. We follow Hugh Jackman as Nick is a former soldier who now has a business of helping people revisit their happiest memories, over and over, in order to escape the sad present. His person is shown pretty much as a vision from a climate change activist with worse nightmares. It’s a world too hot to inhabit, where the waters have prison so much. The closer places are pretty much drowned. Only the rich live on completely dry land buildings.

38 Movies Similar To 'Free Guy' - Best Action Comedies Recommendations - OtakuKart (12)

Their ambassador is called Land Barons in this movie, which loves the hits, you over the head with totally ensemble themes and metaphors. And thanks to this global warming thing, you have the first obvious metaphor. The water is everywhere, a metaphor for time because, as you know, in most philosophy one-on-one courses, they tell you time is a river, The machine that uses the guide people to revisit Is also has them submerged in water, diving into their past, so to speak.

The movie itself starts with visuals of water rushing through the city and Nick bending to pick up a queen of hearts from the overflowing gutters, and It’s a visual that sets the newer tone of this flick and also works on multiple levels as a metaphor. For one, the hustler, who lost the card, ask negatively able to find his queen of four shading of the main story.

You see, Nick is in love with the woman who disappeared mysteriously, and we visit his and others’ memories time and time again in order to figure out where the woman went to make it really obvious.

  • Release Year: August 20, 2021
  • Directed By: Lisa Joy
  • Cast: Huge Jack, Rebecca F, Cliff C, Thandiwe N.
  • Language: English
  • Box Office: $16.4 million
  • Country: United States

13. The Adam Project

After accidentally crash landing in 2022 time traveling fighter pilotAdam Reed teams up with his 12-year-old self on a mission to save the future. Netflix has one of those surefire, nostalgic winners with the Adam project. A science fiction adventure through time as a throwback to the cinema of the past and in the best way possible.

38 Movies Similar To 'Free Guy' - Best Action Comedies Recommendations - OtakuKart (13)

Shawn Levy does a commendable job of making a science section and action elements feel fresh. Also, beyond all the action inspectable, The Adam Project’s big achievement is its beating heart and its ability to dig deep into your emotions. What the film has to say about family makes you want to hold your loved ones a little tighter. After the credits roll, Adam Reed, played by Walker Scobell and his feature film debut, is a precocious 12-year-old boy who isn’t quite a nerd but also is the most popular kid in school.

He has a foul mouth intensity of a smartass which makes him the target of bullying. He’s also pretty small for his age, which stacks the odds against him even more after running with a bully at school.

  • Release Year: March 9, 2022
  • Directed By: Shawn Levy
  • Cast: Ryan R, Walker S, Mark R, Jannefer G.
  • Language: English
  • Box Office: $116 million
  • Country: United States

14. Project Power

When a new drug appears in New Orleans that gives people superpowers for five minutes, a local cop tries to track down a man who may know where the drugs come from. Right off the bat, the movie has a good bit of novelty simply by combining the familiarity of the Superhero genre with the Crime Thriller genre. It kicks off very much kinda like a traditional crime thriller, where there are drugs on the streets, cops get involved, bursting things, but it then has that twist off, the criminals have the superpowers from taking this drug, and the police can use superpower powers from taking this drug.

38 Movies Similar To 'Free Guy' - Best Action Comedies Recommendations - OtakuKart (14)

It takes things we have seen before and does something a little bit different with them. Along those same lines, the directors have a very vibrant, dynamic visual style, the cameras are always moving, and everything is visualized in a clever way, nothing is particularly stagnant or stale in the way that they decide to bring the pictures to life, so the movie just always energy to it.

Whether it’s dialogue scenes, where people are popping pills, and you are just seeing the kind of what is going on inside their bodies and, of course, the action sequences and when people have superpowers, all of it is just filled with a lot of energy.

  • Release Year: August 14, 2020
  • Directed By: Henry Joost, Ariel Schulman
  • Cast: Jamie F, Joseph G, Daminique F, Rodrigo S.
  • Language: English
  • Box Office: $85.1 million
  • Country: Unites States

15. The Call Up

In the near future, a complete stranger receives a random text message inviting him to a dubious office building that you can’t find on Google, so far so good. As our character enters the building and makes it to the twenty-fifth floor, he gets to meet seven other people that have received the same message. Now, despite the nature of that anonymous invitation, none of them thinks it might not be a good idea to be here, which pretty much breaks every rule.

38 Movies Similar To 'Free Guy' - Best Action Comedies Recommendations - OtakuKart (15)

Now once all of them have come together a terrible e-voice that is definitely not generated by Joey from Speecholo. Now there are many things here that go terribly wrong. Our characters need to register themselves and stand by for further announcements. At this point, none of them has any idea what is actually going on. Then they need to wear a full-body Neoprene-like overall and state their gamer name one by one. Obviously, there are people you want to stay away from and people you wanna team up with.

  • Release Year: April 5 2016
  • Directed By: Charles Barker
  • Cast: John G, Matthew J.
  • Language: English
  • Country: United Kingdom

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16. Gamer

Gamer starts off being extremely vague and oddly specific. Gerard Butler half-heartedly tries to mumble a one-linear after he inevitably kills a bunch of fools. Right from the beginning, it feels like part of this movie was written in a loud room, and someone’s name dropped “Blade Runner”, and everyone else heard “Rollerball”.

38 Movies Similar To 'Free Guy' - Best Action Comedies Recommendations - OtakuKart (16)
  • Release Year: September 4, 2009
  • Directed By: Neveldine/Taylor
  • Cast: Gerard B, Micheal C, Amber V, Logan L.
  • Language: English
  • Box Office: $42 million
  • Country: United States

17. Space Jam: A New Legacy

A rogue artificial intelligence kidnaps the famous basketball player’s son, Le Bron James, who then has to work with Looney Toons, the Bugs Bunny, to win a basketball game in this movie; we have Don Cheadle as Al-G Rhythm, the guy who was nominated for an Emmy for ninety seconds in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. He was chewing up the scenery every moment of this movie, that he is on screen, you can tell he is having a great time, and really everyone is involved here.

38 Movies Similar To 'Free Guy' - Best Action Comedies Recommendations - OtakuKart (17)

Le Bron James is obviously not an actor, and if you are going to evaluate the movie based on his acting skills, of course, you are gonna score it very low because he is a basketball player and not a thespian, but the movie doesn’t exist for the purpose of trying to explore the human condition through drama and story or to impress us with the incredible performances from its actors and basketball player, the movie exists because the NBA Star play basketball for the Looney Toons. It’s a lot of fun to have our character going through this whole world of Warner Brothers characters and have Harry Potter music appear, and then they show somewhere else that is superman flying around, and it’s fun to see that!!

  • Release Year: July 16, 2021
  • Directed By: Malcolm D. Lee
  • Cast: LeBron J, Don C, Khris D, Zendaya
  • Language: English
  • Box Office: $163.7 million
  • Country: United States

18. Pixels

Pixels is directed by Chris Columbus, the man who brought us the first two Home Alone films and the first two Harry Potter films. It stars Adam S, Chris C, Mark R, and Allen C. It is the story of aliens that have misinterpreted a signal that we sent them, and they send classic video game characters down to earth to destroy us. Pac-Man is eating cars, Donkey Kong is slamming things, and Tetris is falling out of the sky. The movie is in support of retro gamers taking over to the military to help save the world.

38 Movies Similar To 'Free Guy' - Best Action Comedies Recommendations - OtakuKart (18)
  • Release Year: July 24, 2015
  • Directed By: Chris Columbus
  • Cast: Adam S, Chris C, Mark R, and Allen C
  • Language: English
  • Box Office: $244.9 million
  • Country: United States

19. The Beta Test

In The Beta Test, it is hard not to talk about Jim Cummings as the heart of this movie. Writer, Director, Star, and Producer, he is this movie. It is a commentary on the type of characters in this world in Hollywood, on Social media, and how we project ourselves to the public through Facebook, Instagram, and stuff like that. As always, Jim Cummings has a great way of delivering a really witty and cynical scent like black humor, it is just a chef’s kiss, it is great, and it is so engaging.

38 Movies Similar To 'Free Guy' - Best Action Comedies Recommendations - OtakuKart (19)
  • Release Year: November 5, 2021
  • Directed By: Jim Cummings
  • Cast: Jim Cummings, Virginia N, P J Mc, Jessie B.
  • Language: English
  • Box Office: $37,539
  • Country: United States, United Kingdom

20. Sucker Punch

Have you ever seen a movie, walked out of thinking it was kind of disappointing and bad, then revisited it years later only to discover you actually kind of love it? This is the case with Sucker Punch, a Zack Snyder movie. All the performances are really good, with Emily Browning and Jena Malone standing out as full-blown great here. Jena Malone’s character Rocket is easily the most likable character in the entire film.

38 Movies Similar To 'Free Guy' - Best Action Comedies Recommendations - OtakuKart (20)

The film shows one of Snyder’s strongest aspects throughout all of his films, and it really shines here. The action sequences, in particular, are really well-shot and are all a complete blast to watch. This is like the only time that the phrase “It looks like a video game” is actually a compliment to the film. There are so many color sequences that it really pops off the screen, which was the intended effect considering every scene in the real world is so washed out and grey and ugly looking.

  • Release Year: March 25, 2011
  • Directed By: Zack Snyder
  • Cast: Emily B, Abbie C, Jena M, Jamie C.
  • Language: English
  • Box Office: $89.8 million
  • Country: Canada and United States

21. Guns Akimbo

Guns Akimbo stars Daniel Radcliffe as Miles Lee Harris, who is a lucky gamer who makes up to guns attached to his arms. Then he finds himself caught in a live-stream game that is the fight to the death. The present and not too future murder each other on live TV or streaming on the internet. It shows somebody in the creative process understands humanity.

38 Movies Similar To 'Free Guy' - Best Action Comedies Recommendations - OtakuKart (21)

The movie offers a huge amount of cartoonist violence and unfortunately, the action is not quite enough to sustain the film on its own. Once you take a step back from the kinetic pacing of the film, the act of the plot quickly becomes clear. The director never seems fully invested in exploring the world, the film builds. There is not much that we can learn about the characters in general. There is very little understanding of how the villain organization schism came to be as well.

  • Release Year: April 2 2020
  • Directed By: Jason Lei Howden
  • Cast: Daniel R, Samara W, Ned D, Natasha L.
  • Language: English
  • Box Office: $847,947
  • Country: New Zealand, United Kingdom

22. Paper Man

A 2009’s comedy and drama film, Paper Man, also known as Unlucky Hero, is written and directed by famous American actor and writer, Kieran and Michele Mulroney. The plot of the film follows two young people who, throughout the winter, with the help of each other, grow and at last give up their imaginary friends from a very young age created for themselves.

38 Movies Similar To 'Free Guy' - Best Action Comedies Recommendations - OtakuKart (22)

Although at first, they feel like two polar opposites and very different from each other, they later find out that, in reality, they do have this one thing in common and then develop a beautiful relationship, just like a father and daughter.

  • Release Year: April 23, 2010
  • Directed By: Kieran Mulroney
  • Cast: Jeff D, Ryan R, Emma S, Kiera C, Lisa K.
  • Language: English
  • Box Office: $13,514
  • Country: United States

23. Back To The Future

The heart of Back To The Future is absolutely in the relationship between Marty, played excellently by Micheal J Fox, and Christopher Lloyd’s Doc Brown, these two works so well together, it is such a strange relationship too. The film never makes much of an attempt to explain why they know each other. Marty is seventeen, and Doc Brown is obviously like older, and so it is just a weird sort of like, who is this guy, later he jokingly refers to him as his uncle, as a way to get young Lorraine off his back, but they never really go into the relationship.

38 Movies Similar To 'Free Guy' - Best Action Comedies Recommendations - OtakuKart (23)

This is the type of casting that can absolutely change the way a character is on the page. There are so many things that Lloyd brings to Doc Brown that you just can’t write. This a beautifully shot movie Dean Cundy lends the film, and the movie looks incredible. It is also edited pristinely; there is not a single sequence that feels as if it hasn’t been immaculately time. The movie does not get enough credit for that, and it is a really fun movie and exciting movie.

  • Release Year: 1985–90
  • Directed By: Robert Zemeckis
  • Cast: Micheal J, Christopher L, Mary S, Lea Thompson
  • Language: English
  • Box Office: $975.2 million
  • Country: United States

24. Bliss

This is your last chance, and after this, there is no turning back, if you take the blue pill story ends, wake up in your bed and belief whatever you want to believe, and with the Red pill, you stay in wonderland. Bliss is the 2021’s Amazon Original movie, and it will mess with your mind.

The story follows Greg Wittle, who works for a typical tech company and spends his days dreaming about fancy houses and beautiful women, this leads him to get fired. He attempts to drown his sorrows and whiskey he meets Isabel Clemens. She tells Greg that the whole world is a simulation and that a few real people in it have special powers. So, they go about taking drugs and using their special powers on anybody and anything they can find.

38 Movies Similar To 'Free Guy' - Best Action Comedies Recommendations - OtakuKart (24)

He has a hard time discerning if the world is real or if she is right. So, she makes them take a different, more powerful drug that kicks them out of the simulation, they then enter a world that apparently is a real world, and everybody in it leaves without wants or needs, and it is a weird form of paradise.

The simulation they were in is supposed to help you appreciate the real world more because the simulation is grimy and dull and grey. But while they are in the real world, his daughter in simulation, who, according to Isabel, is not real, is looking for Greg and knows he has turned homeless and is doing a bunch and stuff under the bridge. But back in the “real world,” everything starts to fall apart, and they decide that they need to back into the simulation to get then more drugs to then go back out of the simulation.

  • Release Year: February 5, 2021
  • Directed By: Mike Cahill
  • Cast: Owen W, Salima Hayek
  • Language: English
  • Country: United States

25. Blade Runner

In Blade Runner, Ryan Gosling plays K, investigating a mystery from the past, and he needs Rick Deckard’s help, Harrison Ford from the first film, to solve the mystery, and of course, it takes place in 2049, Los Angeles in the same universe set up by the first Blade Runner.

This is the type of movie that reminds us why we love movies, why films are so transported, why they can inspire people, and why they can change people, this is the type of movie that is going to make future filmmakers. With Roger Deakins’s immaculate cinematography, this is one of the best-looking films you might have ever seen.

38 Movies Similar To 'Free Guy' - Best Action Comedies Recommendations - OtakuKart (25)

Ryan Gosling is very good as K as he investigates this mystery that he is uncovering, he deals with a lot of conflicting emotions. It is hard for him to figure out exactly how to handle some of the information that he learns, and it is rather riveting to watch. Harrison Ford gives one of his best performances in years as Deckard, he is very traumatized by things that have happened in the past, and as you learn things, you begin to understand why. It is emotionally resonant, and it is powerful. Despite the film’s cold exterior, the film has a solid heart beating at its center.

  • Release Year: October 6, 2017
  • Directed By: Denis Villeneuve
  • Cast: Ryan G, Harrison F, Ana de Armas, Sylvia H, Robin W.
  • Language: English
  • Box Office: $259.3 million
  • Country: United States

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26. Being There (1979)

Being There is a film that makes us question the very nature of reality as we know it. It gets us to look within ourselves and also look at how we, as human beings, interpret the world around us. We do this based on symbols, and the most basic symbol is language and words, and as a culture, we share concerns about what words mean, and every word has a meaning structure to it, but when we put certain words together, we form a meaning structure, that we can convey to others who then interpret these various symbols and project a response to it.

38 Movies Similar To 'Free Guy' - Best Action Comedies Recommendations - OtakuKart (26)

So, in essence, we are creating reality and not just bumping into reality. And this whole process goes on as internally as a self-dialogue, and that is what thinking is. Chance, the gardener portrayed by Peter Sellers, is a simple-minded person, the symbols that he conveys are interpreted mistakenly as science, which represents an upper-class intelligent gentleman.

  • Release Year: December 19, 1979
  • Directed By: Hal Ashby
  • Cast: Peter Sellers, Shirley M, Jack W, Melvyn D.
  • Language: English
  • Box Office: $30.2 million
  • Country: United States

27. Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle

Where in the original film, it was a board game that kids play that broad the elements of that board game into the real world, like animals stampedes, in this film, it is for kids who are stuck in detention who find an old video game console, and they want to pass the time so they choose the characters they wanna play, and they get stuck into the world of Jumanji, and these kids are now being portrayed by their avatars.

You get one of the best things about this film is the fact that the majority of these actors get to play against type. Jack Black s an Instagram loving really popular girl at school who no longer has her phone and is stuck in an overweight middle-aged man’s body in the middle of the jungle. Dwayne Johnson looks like Dwayne Johnson, but in real life, he is a kid named Spencer, who is afraid of just about everything, including squirrels, and so the Rock has a lot of fun with that.

  • Release Year: December 20, 2017
  • Directed By: Jake Kasdan
  • Cast: Dwayne J, Jack Black, Karen G, Kevin H, Nick Jonas
  • Language: English
  • Box Office: $962.5 million
  • Country: United States

28. Jumanji: The Next Level

Jumanji: The Next Level is once again directed by Jake Kasden. This time around, Spencer, played by Alex Wolf, disappears into Jumanji, and everyone has to go inside to try to find him, but the game has changed, and the avatar they were in the last time they played is completely switched around now. This allows us for all the actors in Jumanji to play against type.

This is a giant movie, with a lot of special effects work and huge actors, it really is a big production. So, for this movie to come out so quickly, it’s clear they were trying to capitalize on that success, and sometimes that can be a really bad sign.

  • Release Year: December 13, 2019
  • Directed By: Jake Kasdan
  • Cast: Jack Black, Dwayne J, Matt T, Jake K, Dany G, Hiram G.
  • Language: English
  • Box Office: $801.7 million
  • Country: United States

29. RIPD

RIPD stars Ryan Reynolds, Jeff Bridges, and Kevin Bacon. This movie s about a cop who dies in the line of duty and is recruited by the rest in the peace department and becomes a partner with Jeff Bridges. These guys basically go around the world and take out guys who are actually dead, hiding in a human body. Their job is to figure out who these guys are, they refer to them as dead o’s and take them out or at least take them back to custody, so they can actually go to hell, where they belong.

RIPD is a movie that is all over the place, and it is a movie that, from scene to scene, may be entertaining, you could sit down and probably not be bored with this movie, but there is so much jumbled crap going on, and it doesn’t make a cohesive film. The director of this film directed Figh Plan, Red, Time Traveler’s Wife, the guy that can make a good-looking movie.

  • Release Year: July 19, 2013
  • Directed By: Robert Schwentke
  • Cast: Jeff Bridges, Ryan R, Kevin B.
  • Language: English
  • Box Office: $78.3 million
  • Country: United States

30. Boss Level

Boss Level starts with Roy Pulver, portrayed by Frank Grillo, a retired delta force soldier, getting attacked in his bed but calmly dispatching his attacker as he has done this a hundred times before because, you see, for some reason, Roy Pulver has been stuck in a loop on the same day, May 9 over and over and over, and for some reason, a slew of assassins have been hired to kill him.

You know, for many, many, many trials and errors, he has managed to survive until 12:47 pm and not a minute longer. Every time he does die, he wakes up back in his bed from that morning, and we continue from there. We learn more and more about some of the hitmen coming after him, and they come in all shapes and sizes, from little men to big bombs.

He finally gets a moment to think, he tries and learns that she died the previous night in an accident. He knows something bad happened to her, and he tries to learn more. While hanging out at a bar, he mentions this guy next to him, who is a tech genius, and a lady who is a three-time professional sword fighter.

  • Release Year: March 5, 2021
  • Directed By: Joe Carnahan
  • Cast: Frank G, Joe Car, Randall E, George F.
  • Language: English
  • Box Office: $2 million
  • Country: United States

31. The Matrix Trilogy

Humans gave birth to machines running on artificial intelligence to handle their day-to-day chores. One of the bots disobeyed his programming and killed its owner, and the human retaliated by killing every bot. The machines appealed for peaceful solutions, but the humans went to war and scorched the skies to cut off their solar energy. The humans were no match for the machines and succumbed, overtime the human existence was eliminated, and the survivors were forcibly inserted into the matrix. Because the sun was cut off, the machines started drawing power from bioelectricity generated by sleeping humans.

The matrix is a shared simulation in which most of the planet’s humans remain plugged in. People’s physical bodies stay asleep, while their minds are in a dream state where each one believes that they are living in the late 20th century.

38 Movies Similar To 'Free Guy' - Best Action Comedies Recommendations - OtakuKart (27)

Each mind only follows those rules because it believes that it must. If one can see past the fact their world is only a simulation; they can break these rules. A program called the architect designed the Matrix to be too Utopian and flawless. As a result, most human men rejected the programming, and the subsequent designs encountered similar issues until a program called the Oracle introduced a false sense of choice in each mind.

While 99 % of the human accepted this, 1 % did not, and periodically there emerged an anomaly who could completely defy every rule of the Matrix. To solve this problem, the machine allowed a place called Zion to exist in the real world. Over time, Zion became the resistance and fought to free the rest of the Matrix, but under the guidance of the Oracle, the Oracle fed the resistance a prophecy that they would find the one who would end the war.

  • Release Year: The Wachowskis
  • Directed By: March 24, 1999
  • Cast: Keanu Reeves, Laurence F, Carrie Anne, Hugo W.
  • Language: English
  • Country: United States, Australia

32. Ghost in The Shell

Oishi’s 1995 classic was a huge stepping stone for not only anime but sci-fi in general. What really amazing about this movie is that movie was how much detail they squeezed into only 83 minutes. The “Ghost” refers to your mental existence, and the “Shell” refers to your physical existence. The movie follows Motoko Kusanagi as she ponders that, despite being a cyborg, she has a soul.

The title perfectly sums up the film, and it does not confirm whether there is a ghost in the shell or whether there isn’t it just suggests that there might be. The movie opens up with some very impressive animation and some very important details.

  • Release Year: November 18, 1995
  • Directed By: Mamoru Oshii
  • Cast: Atsuko Tanaka, Akio O, Lemasa K.
  • Language: Japanese
  • Box Office: $10 million
  • Country: Japan

33. Last Action Hero

Twenty-seven years ago, there was no bigger star on the planet than Arnold Schwarzenegger. He was everywhere, a symbol of America’s Dream Come True and the beloved icon of children all around the world, but that is where the trouble started. Everyone loved, Terminator 2 Judgment Day, but what if he was paired with a young co-star in a soft PG-13-rated action flick that would basically be halfway between Terminator and Kindergarten Cop? Surely such a film would please both its adult fans and its younger ones, but best-laid plans have a way of going awry.

Thursday, June 17, 1993, Mark Ken, the head of Columbia Pictures, along with his marketing team, decide to hold an early Thursday night preview of their budget-busting summer block burster, Last Action Hero. The news initiative was good, two of the three scheduled screenings were sold out, and surely they had gotten a hit on their hand.

  • Release Year: June 18, 1993
  • Directed By: John McTiernan
  • Cast: Arnold S, F. Murray, Art Carney, Charles D, Frank M
  • Language: English
  • Box Office: $137.3 million
  • Country: United States

34. Green Lantern

When it comes to the all-time biggest superhero movies, let’s be real Green Lantern is pretty high up on the inglorious garbage heap. There is a lot of hate for the Ryan Reynolds starring film Green Lantern from both fans and critics, which is somewhat unfair. When the movie was announced with Reynolds in the lead and director Martin Campbell at the helm, they should have been at least some recognition that this was not going to be the next Batman Begins.

38 Movies Similar To 'Free Guy' - Best Action Comedies Recommendations - OtakuKart (28)

First and foremost, the entire character of Green Lantern doe not work in a realistic universe, this is a guy recruited by an intergalactic police force to wield the ring, which can take on the shape of whatever he thinks of that, and the majority of his teammates are bizarre alien, straight off the comic page.

  • Release Year: June 17, 2011
  • Directed By: Martin Campbell
  • Cast: Ryan R, Blake L, Peter S, Mark Strong
  • Language: English
  • Box Office: $219.9 million
  • Country: United States

35. Extra-Terrestrial

The phrase movie magic is something of a Hollywood cliche, but every once in a while, a film comes along that fits the description. It takes a certain, indefinable combination of factors; a potent mix of surprise, childlike wonders, special effects, cinematography, and tone. No director is more capable of reproducing movie magic than Colin Minihan.

38 Movies Similar To 'Free Guy' - Best Action Comedies Recommendations - OtakuKart (29)
  • Release Year: April 18, 2014
  • Directed By: Colin Minihan
  • Cast: Brittany A, Freddie S, Melanie P
  • Language: English
  • Country: Canada

36. A Glitch in the Matrix

The concept that we all might be living in a simulation is not a new one that seems to keep coming up in all kinds of media, as well as research in philosophy. Looking at the world that we are in now isn’t a great indication of multiple realities than changing television channels and seeing two completely different mindsets attempting to convince the viewer that the other channel is satan.

A Glitch in the Matrix toches upon that chilling aspect, but in order to illustrate its point to a modern audience, it chooses to use video games and movies to further the point.

  • Release Year: February 5, 2021
  • Directed By: Rodney Ascher
  • Cast: Nick B, Joshua C, Erik D, Alex L.
  • Language: English
  • Box Office: $2,238
  • Country: United States

37. Red Notice

To arrest the world’s most wanted criminal, Interpol announced a Red Notice, which for those who don’t know, is the highest-level warrant. And the FBI’s top profiler, John Hartley, portrayed by none other than Dwayne Johnson, The Rock, is on the case. His global pursuit finds him smack dab in the middle of a daring heist, where he is forced to partner with the world’s greatest art thief Nolan Booth played by Ryan Reynolds.

  • Release Year: November 5, 2021
  • Directed By: Rawson Marshall Thurber
  • Cast: The Rock, Ryan R, Gal G, Ritu A.
  • Language: English
  • Country: United States

38. Deadpool

Deadpool is a revenge story and a love story. It is about how Wade Wilson became the Merc with the mouth of Deadpool, as we know him, there is a revenge aspect about finding someone he has a serious, serious grudge against, and it is also a love story with a girl name Vinessa that changes his life.

  • Release Year: February 12, 2016
  • Directed By: Tim Miller
  • Cast: Ryan R, Morena B, Ed Skrein, and others
  • Language: English
  • Box Office: $782.6 million
  • Country: United States

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