Chrisean Rock Bio, Age, Height, Parents, Boyfriend, Wiki (2024)

Chrisean Rock is a rapper, YouTuber, model, and internet personality. She has developed herself in the musical industry and is majorly known for being Blueface’s artist. Blueface is a 25-year-old American rapper who has the birth name, Johnathan Jamall Porter.

Chrisean Rock is often seen in conflict because she often calls herself Blueface girlfriend, however, the boy is already committed and had one girl in his life to the point where he raised one child with her. For a couple of weeks, the couple has been getting widespread global media coverage because of their toxic relationship which extended into physical fights.

Early Life

Chrisean Rock was born on 14th March 2000 and brought up in Baltimore and lived in the neighborhood of the city throughout her adolescence. Rock, who is around 22 only, belongs to a large family of 12 children where she has 10 younger siblings and 1 older sibling.

Currently, she lives in the Los Angeles area but she often says that Baltimore has always been a special place for her as she was brought up in the place. Rock has not directly given any detail regarding her religion but it seems as if she is a Christian because she has mentioned in her Instagram bio that “Jesus is King”.

Also, since childhood Rock had to work hard to earn a livelihood because she became homeless at the age of 9 without having any consistent place to live or stay for several years- all that happened while she was still going to school.


She faced family challenges as a child. Her father went to jail, and they didn’t meet until she was seven. Her mother struggled with addiction, making their home life inconsistent. Despite a stressful childhood, she held love for her parents and often relied on her siblings for support.

She shared her childhood abuse experiences in an interview with a local Baltimore Fox News Station. Pursuing her education, she studied at Santa Monica College in California. With the guidance of a cooperative coach, she learned track and earned a degree in kinesiology and exercise science in 2020.

Chrisean Rock Career

Chrisean started her career with her ex-boyfriend rapper Blueface. They collaborated on many projects and appeared in many performances as well. Apart from this, Chrisean also owns a YouTube channel launched in 2018. So far she has gained about 32k subscribers and nearly 6.2 million total views, the highest on her channel.

Chrisean showcased her skills on the TV game show “Ultimate Tag” aired on Fox. Impressively, she bagged prize money totaling around $10,000. Rock’s connection to the fashion world is notable, evident in her role as a brand ambassador for clothing companies Ethika and Fashion Nova.


When involved with famous individuals, one should anticipate unwanted attention. On August 1, 2022, this well-known couple was caught in a severe altercation, captured on video. A mere two weeks later, Chrisean and Blueface (Jonathan) engaged in a violent altercation, resulting in significant hair damage and a noticeable portion missing from Chrisean’s head.

This distressing video raised concerns among fans regarding their tumultuous and unhealthy relationship. However, Blueface’s mother accused Chrisean Malone of fabrication, asserting in a post that the head injury was a result of an assault by a group of girls earlier that week.

Chrisean Rock Biography

Real NameChrisean Malone
Birth Date14 March2000
Age (as of 2023)22 Years
Birth PlaceBaltimore, Maryland, U.S.
ProfessionInstagram Star, Model

Physical Statistics

Heightin feet inches– 5’ 6” – in Centimeters – 168 cm
Weightin Kilograms– 56 kg – in Pounds– 123 lbs
Hair ColorDark Brown
Eye ColorDark Brown


Chrisean Rock Bio, Age, Height, Parents, Boyfriend, Wiki (1)

Relationship Status

Marital StatusIn Relationship
Who is her boyfriend?Blueface (ex.)

Personal Life

Although Blueface- the famous American rapper has a child named Javaughn Porter, born in 2017, he has many times been connected with the singer/rapper Chrisean Rock. The dating rumors resurfaced when Rock had a tattoo of the rapper Blueface on her neck even though Blueface has appeared to say that there is nothing between the pair that is cooking romantically.

Before this scenario, Rock had herself inked with the name of Blueface on her face. Just a while ago, some news portals even reported that she wanted to have a baby with her new boyfriend. However, her new guy is still a mystery.

Chrisean Rock Net Worth

It is for sure that Chrisean Rock must be earning a good amount of money because of her multi-professional lines including rapping, singing, modeling, YouTube associations, TikTok associations, and her working associations with the rapper Blueface. For the moment, Rock’s estimated net worth is somewhere around $1 million, which is enough to provide for her moderate lifestyle.



Chrisean Rock Bio, Age, Height, Parents, Boyfriend, Wiki (2024)
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