Sticky Coconut Chicken and Rice Recipe (2024)



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Didn’t have any short grain rice so I used basmati rice and it worked great! Grocery store didn’t have boneless skinless thighs so I just deboned regular thighs and kept the skin. Happened to have TJ’s Thai lime and chili cashews and they added the perfect amount of spice. Pretty flavorful recipe- would make again!


We don't eat chicken, but this was great with tempeh (sliced & cooked atop the rice; no initial browning). I used two peppers for more veg and added a few shakes of tumeric for color.


Somehow I have 4 different types of rice, but no short grain. Anyone have any thoughts on using long grain white rice instead?


Used chickpeas instead of chicken. Added half jalapeño with garlic and ginger. Added yellow and orange peppers eppers and broccoli. Used jasmine rice and cooked for 15 min. Really good!


Anyone sub with breasts?


Loved this, definitely add hot sauce, which I would never have guessed to do. I'd double the ginger, salt liberally, and add a half cup of raisins which added some sweet depth. I used Calrose rice. This is really good and really easy.


I had a friend from Afghanistan who made this dish, and called it Bor Pilau. Some carrots add color when thrown in about halfway through cooking.And when I was in college, the Fanny Farmer cookbook has a very similar recipe made with chicken or pork chops, and deemed it South American. Guess a good idea is a good idea the world over.

Janet M

Made with basmati rice. Loved it with green Tabasco. Extremely easy, and it was the best new recipe I’ve made in a while.

Ed in San Diego

Made this last night with the following changed suggested by others: I doubled the garlic and ginger, and used jasmine rice, light coconut milk, and added 1 Tbs garam masala, 1 Tbs fish sauce, and 1 seeded jalapeño pepper to the rice and broth. Those changes made it anything but bland, it was a delicious hit! Will definitely make it again, and it was easy. A great recipe that you can tailor to your liking with all sorts of additions or substitutions. Five stars!

Lori Grannis

Very important to use large crystal kosher salt in this measurement. Substituting fine grain sea or table salt adds more sodium, simply because fine grain salt will amount to greater volume.


This was beyond the beyond of bland. I added turmeric, cumin and coriander and still so boring. I see why it recommends hot sauce

No oven?

Has anyone tried this on the stove top with no oven?


I’d use gochujang.


Made this on the stove top...worked out very well. Serving with wedges of lime and hot sauce


Solid recipe that’s on the bland side without the hot sauce. I stirred in Sirachi, but think adding some red pepper flakes to the ginger sauté might add the needed heat. I chopped my cashews too fine; larger pieces would have added more crunch. Good enough to make again, and delicious for lunch the next day.


InstantPot: uncooked chicken breasts, rice and carrots - cooked low and slow for 6 hrs. I also doubled the ginger and garlic, which made a difference. Garnished with Sriracha powder and fresh cilantro, as well as lime to taste. Definitely a winner in this house!

Dean L

I also doubled ginger, garlic and bell pepper quantities. I really liked it but my family was less excited about it-they prefer more spice and less sweetness. The rice texture and flavor was really nixes used sriracha for the hot sauce which was a good addition.


Double ginger and garlic, add 1/2 to 1 tsp gogujang.


Great meal for the whole family- young kids devoured it! Didn't add any spicy extras but did add shallots, 2x ginger, 2x garlic and seasoned chicken with turmeric + S&P per others suggestions. Husband and I used gochujang.


Followed this as written and only thing I added was a good heaping of garam masala and that made the dish, whole family loved.

Lynda MacV

I was excited to make this, and was very disappointed. It had no colour and very little flavour. To breathe life into it I added citrus- squeeze of lemon, lime and orange. Then chopped a red pepper for colour and added a lot of chopped cilantro. Topped it with a spicy pineapple hot sauce- much better now!

Sarah R

I doubled the aromatics and added a jalapeño and two more bell peppers. It still really needed hot sauce to feel complete. The coconut rice was really nice, though.


I made this with jasmine rice on the stovetop and cubed my chicken thighs for faster cooking. I doubled the ginger and garlic, and also used oyster sauce while the rice was cooking which added good flavor. I would make this again!


Great dish, versatile and would be great with different types of protein tofu etc.I loved being able to bake the rice and the coconut milk made it so delicious.Not as flavorful as I would have liked even after adding extra curry paste.Also I'd add the scallion and pepper later so it doesn't get so over cooked.Delicious with nuts; I used peanuts.


I would file this under “highly modular” recipes, flavor-wise: the technique is useful and easy, but the taste is sort of a blank slate, as many pointed out, even after 2x ginger garlic. Good after squeezing on copious lime and sriracha.I used bone-in chicken thigh and increased the initial searing time as well as temp and time a bit.Will definitely make again, experimenting with gochujang, as suggested, and maybe even try using a hardier fish instead of chicken.


Followed the advice of a few other commenters and tweaked the recipe, which we’ve now made and enjoyed a few times! Seasoned chicken w/ turmeric, S&P.Used 3-4 tbsp ginger paste, doubled garlic, added some sliced white onion as well, which I cooked down in the oil and seasonings before adding in the ginger and garlic etc. Tossed in 1/2 tsp red pepper flake while cooking the aromatics, then added a dash of fish sauce to the broth before baking.Topped with cilantro and chili crunch. DELISH.

Wendy McPeake

I like this recipe. It's very flexible. I followed the advice of the other commenters, doubling the garlic and ginger, using basmati and adding a chili pepper. The second time I made it I didn't have enough rice so added orzo and I didn't have a pepper so added green beans just before putting it in the oven. Delish. I might try it with the garam masala.


This was easy and delicious but I agree with others it could use some more veggies for added flavor, like red and green bell peppers, too. I used a touch more ginger than it called for and added a squirt of sriracha at serving and it had enough heat.


People saying it’s bland, I wonder if you skipped the hot sauce? If so there will be nothing acidic in the dish so maybe you need to add lime juice if you don’t want to use hot sauce. I made this as stated and it came out delicious.


Use more garlic and ginger than called for. Use Red and Orange Peppers. Use sweet coconut milk (Whole Foods) Increase spice. Delicious! Must use medium or short grain rice to get sticky effect. Thighs are better because they don't dry us as easily as breasts do.

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Sticky Coconut Chicken and Rice Recipe (2024)
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